Building Stories: from Animation
and VFX to VR

Auditory butic 
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Every day we tell each other stories. Dramatic stories are more than just what is happening, they are about why things are happening and how it affects the viewer. The important questions in story are: What do people want? Why do they want it? How do they go about getting it? What are the obstacles? and What are the consequences?

Dramatic stories are often about a main character, who goes after something they want but it gets increasingly harder and harder along the way. By the end of the story the character has changed and sees the world differently.  Even with great animation, it is the theme that audiences remember in the end. This session will reveal the most common themes in a story, how to generate emotion by increasing conflict, the role of sound in VR, the essential elements of a scene, ingredients to a good ending, memorable villain traits, believability versus realism, and the character’s goals. Also shown will be animation story techniques such as ticking clocks, humor/comedy, choices, character gaps, stealing like an artist, and hooking an audience by giving them only what they need to know. This session uses numerous clips to illustrate the concepts and make them come alive.

Sponsored by:
UDepartament of Film & Media - University of Utah