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This year at Mundos Digitales, Nacho Thomas Tejedor will present the work developed by the Double Negative team for the Pacific Rim: Uprising environments. This film has been without any doubt one of the biggest challenges to date for the company, which in a single year had to make 1,500 shots of great complexity with creatures and robots fighting for different cities.

We will also approach the work of a generalist in the VFX productions. A journey through the day to day and the challenges that arise in a production, and which are the best weapons available for this work.

Double Negative is one of the benchmarks in the VFX industry with a reputation built for 20 years and multiple awards from the Academy, BAFTA and VES. The main focus is on the VFX for cinema, although it also has a department for television, animation films, and stereoscopic conversion.

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