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Another Day of Life is a hybrid feature film created in six studios around Europe. Each of them with different background and goals. One of the biggest challenges was to develop structure and workflow that meets booth needs of the story and resources of the coproduction companies.

Graphical style of the project is based on traditional comic book visual language combined with modern 3D animation based on actor performance. Mimicking traditional work on set gave directors freedom for advanced story development reinforced with game cinematics pipeline providing efficient asset creation and 3D animation.

Presentation will be based both on production steps of the movie and various other examples of Platige works that influenced Another Day of Life look and workflow.

Platige Image is an award-winning film production, VFX, animation and post-production company based in Warsaw, Poland. Platige Image has produced over 4000 commercial projects for biggest brands in the world, and numerous game cinematics. Platige Image is responsible for VFX effects to several films, including: Andrzej Wajda’s Katyn, Antychryst and Melancholia (directed by Lars von Tier) or Essential Killing (directed by Jerzy Skolimowski).

Platige Films is subsidiary of Platige Image, establisher to handle production of the feature-length film and tv productions. Another Day of Life is the company’s first foray into feature film production.

Platige is also a producer of art and cultural projects for 3D theatre performances and museums in Berlin, Shanghai, Dubai and Amsterdam. For his work studio was appreciated and has received over 200 awards and honours including BAFTA, Academy Award nomination, the Cannes Palme D’Or nomination, Golden Lion nomination, Siggraph, Best of Show at Comic Con and VES Awards.

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