Exploring the language of immersive Entertainment: a field guide

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This talk will focus on the nascent field of narratives in immersive environments.

While providing examples from recent Felix & Paul Studios productions, Sebastian will explore the challenges and complexities that telling stories in a new medium brings to the table. While you could think of immersive experiences as an extension of cinema, most of the rules of the game change when you are immersed in the story and need to be re-thought for what are effectively brand-new media. Everything from suspension of disbelief to image processing and CG cameras is cast under a new light and the learning and unlearning of the rules is what makes Immersive Media exciting.

Felix & Paul Studios is the industry leader in the field of high-end immersive entertainment with an unparalleled reputation for producing the highest quality experiences in this emerging new medium. The studio combines technological innovation with a unique, pioneering and in-depth approach to the new art of virtual reality storytelling—creating ground-breaking original cinematic experiences (MIYUBI, Nomads series, Strangers) and collaborations with existing franchises (Jurassic World, Cirque du Soleil, Fox Searchlight’s Wild) and world-renowned personalities and leaders (President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, LeBron James, President Bill Clinton).

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The company is the world’s only full spectrum VR studio, showcasing end-to-end creative and technological know-how and proprietary tools within one company—including best-in-class spherical 3D camera systems, production and post-production software and processes, and specialized audio capture, design and processing through its Headspace Studios division.

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