Maze of Gods: The maze of making a video game

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Maze of Gods is an adventure game set in Greek mythology. Making a game itself is quite an adventure. There are happy moments, mysterious, with many characters of all kinds and many seemingly impossible challenges to be overcome.

Everything starts with an idea, and not an idea of a video game, but an idea of wanting to make video games. And that idea is a virus, that makes you sick forever and that has a difficult cure. And now, that you are infected you can only assume that no matter how hard the path of making a video game is, there is nothing comparable to finishing it and seeing that people have fun with it.

In this talk we will analyse the steps we have taken to make Maze of Gods that is in its final phase of development. From the original idea originated one afternoon at home, to the involvement of dozens of artists and interest of top-level people in the world of video games.

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