Workflow with Substance Painter, Arnold and C4D

Taught by: Edén Expósito
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  1 HOUR
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We all like to do a good job. Most of us, at some point of our career, have had the need to improve our tools and workflow to achieve better results.

In the past, access to specific and powerful applications was limited by the price of licenses. Luckily, nowadays that is not the situation anymore. Any freelance or studio has at its disposal tools that, in the right hands and well combined, can produce results as good as those obtained in the most cutting-edge blockbusters.

We have at our disposal a huge range of high quality applications, but now the most recurrent question is... How do I combine them?

In this workshop, taught by Blackone Academy, we will give a general overview of the combination of C4D, Arnold and Substance Painter to achieve hyper-realistic look-dev of an asset.

The workshop is aimed at any person or small studio that is interested in introducing into their workflow economic applications that can help to improve the visual quality of their assets.

The objective of this workshop is to teach what is our workflow for making hyper-realistic look-dev through: Substance Painter, Arnold and C4D. It will not be a very advanced workshop, we will see the concept of using and the combination of the different applications with a simple asset and from a general point of view. The idea is that, after this workshop, you have a new alternative path that can help you improve the results of your work.

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blackone academy

blackone academy is a school created from blackone, a company specializing in visual effects, motion graphics and design with headquarters in Madrid (Spain).

Founded in late 2015 by José Luis Aragón, professional with over 17 years of experience in television, film and other media platforms, blackone seeks constant renewal of technology at the service of creativity and their customers, in many cases shortening production time projects.

blackone provides support to large postproduction companies, advertising agencies, production companies and broadcasters.