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Mixed reality is the new wave that joins to the virtual reality to conform what we call the immersive market of content. A world that has left the square frame where until now cinema, videogames or television took place to jump into the real world, into the volumetry.

Thanks to the new Magic Leap glasses (we will see them live), Hololens 2 or the imminent Apple AR glasses we will be able to experience an endless amount of contents that will come alive around us. We will learn how to design a mixed reality project with new concepts such as computing space or lightfields, we will delve into what may happen in our cities in a short time thanks to technologies such as 5G and graphic processing on the cloud. An exciting turn of events that is already here.

Surfer of technological waves for more than 20 years, after working in the sector of theme parks and design a great project with teams of Disney and Efteling, Edgar lived the effervescence of the Internet in early 2000 working as digital creative in the multinational Onlinemkt. From there he went on to the creative direction at Ruiz Nicoli Lineas when advertising was giving its first steps into the digital, achieving important awards such as EFI (Efficiency Awards), Iberoamericanos FIAP or Malofiej internacional.

He was co-founder of two of the pioneering digital design and advertising companies Teaser and Xocolat Design, working for more than 50 major brands and being one of the first companies to develop Apps in Spain. After this business stage, he joined Tuenti-Telefónica, working in the creative direction and launching the brand in Latin America and as well as part of its key products such as VozDigital (IP Telephony via App).

The virtual reality appears suddenly in 2015 giving an unexpected turn to the sector, in these early days he creates the company Virtual Voyagers, a pioneer in this new market, working with more than 65 brands (Ferrari, Disney, Movistar, Inditex...), being awarded with 9 awards, Lovie Awards, Inspirational or Google best among others and gaining recognition in the XR rankings as one of the 30 best XR creation companies at an international level.

In 2019 he is selected by the Choiseul Institute in the top 20 ranking of 100 Economic Leaders For The Future.