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  • postproduction, vr, real time
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Born at the intersection of visual effects and live production The Future Group has pioneered the use of real-time visual effects to produce cutting-edge cross-reality productions and technology.

On this workshop will look at the history of Pixotope, and talk about the organic growth of a tool born out of necessity, forged in the fires of live production projects. We will discuss three productions and the challenges faced during their execution: The Weather Channel (the surge explainer), League of Legends (live AR Concert), NFL Super Bowl (Live opening sequence). We will then move on to an overview of where the software is at today and take a sneak peek at our latest developments for OnAir graphics and our Studio Builder tool.

Pixotope is a new type of creative platform leveraging Unreal-powered real time visual effects to create cross reality content, and utilise connected end-user metadata. It is an open structure, software-based solution, built to run on customer sourced commodity hardware, using a flexible and scalable subscription-based licensing model. Pixotope lets you create anything from single-camera AR projects to complex multi-camera virtual productions, all from a single user interface and without the need for complex integration or specialised hardware.

Frank is a CG Artist at TFG with extensive experience in real-time graphics. During the past two years Frank has helped create and deploy virtual graphics for some of the world's biggest broadcast productions including Eurovision, Superbowl, FIFA and League of Legends.

The Future Group is an international award-winning technology and creative services company headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with teams based in Norway, the US and the UK. The Future Group offers easily accessible next generation software products and services for virtual production, that enables the creation of photorealistic graphics and visual effects, in real-time.