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The short film The Dump, which is part of the Netflix animation anthology Love, Death & Robots, tells the story of the day on which Ugly Dave, a rather peculiar character who lives with his pet Otto in a dump, receives the visit of a city inspector with an eviction order.

Ramón Giráldez, CG Supervisor in Able&Baker Studios, will present for the first time the technical challenges that they had to face in order to create an environment that plays a fundamental role in history. Get the thousands of objects that shape the dump to be stacked creating piles that defy gravity, drawing unique and bizarre silhouettes, full of history, required an exhaustive planning from modelling to rendering. But there was something much more problematic hidden in that dump.

A talk that promises to be garbage, in the best sense of the term.

Despite being trained in Fine Arts, Ramón always felt attracted by the most technical aspects of 3D. His first participation in a film was Planet 51, in which he was part of the Ilion Animation Studios rigging area. Working there he decided to specialize in pipeline, and his first opportunity for technical supervision was in Argentina, in the film Futbolín directed by Campanella.

After spending some time at Rovio Animation working at Angry Birds, he spent time as a freelance consultant for different projects and studies, until 2017 when he became part of Able & Baker as CG Supervisor. Currently he continues to hold this position and is an associate of the study.