Carlos Caballero
Carlos Caballero
DFX Supervisor
  • Lecture
  • English (simultaneous interpretation)
  • Zbook Auditory
  • animation,vfx
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Creating hyper-realistic creatures is always a hard task, creating a Tim Burton creature that expresses human emotions with no voice and still feeling realistic is an almost impossible mission.

In this presentation we will go through all the process to bring Dumbo to life, make him flight high and over all of this make it cute. From the first steps in Concept Art, Look Development, Rigging, Animation to the final work on Lighting and finalizing in Comp. And not only for Dumbo but for the rest of the assets and effects that surround our main star, environments, cloth and fire simulations and tons of good work in all the departments involved in the project. No forgetting all the complex creative process working close with clients, director, and more than 1500 people directly involved in the whole process. Of course, always in a tight deadline.

I started in Madrid in Graphic Arts and programming interactive applications moving towards more technical fields working with Silicon Graphics machines and designing facilities. Soon I shift to a more creative environment working in motion graphics for commercials and events and interface design for media applications.

After 5 years in commercials with a little detour to work in media for the F1 and a short incursion on CG Features I decide to travel to London and join the international VFX circus. Finally settling in MPC for a 2-month contract that started a relationship with the company that still continues after 7 years.

Other collaborations took me to DNEG, Animal Logic and Atomic Fiction, giving me the opportunity to work and grow from the shot-based work of a compositor to the high demanding position as a Supervisor supporting technically and creatively big projects like Dumbo, Pirates of Caribbean, Transformers V, Terminator Genisys, Xmen, and Prometheus between others.

Actually, based in Montreal, Canada. Still working for MPC helping to bring to the screens the new chapter of Disney's Maleficence, Mistress of Evil.