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Technology without organization is useless. Facing a first level project like Able & Baker's participation in Netflix's adult short anthology, Love, Death & Robots, does not only require talent and money. Planning is fundamental.

You must think about budgets, contracts, infrastructures, insurances, more contracts ... and always, in any circumstance, remember that "the party of the first part shall be known in this contract as the party of the first part”.

Carlos is a self-taught professional who was interested in 3D from a very young age and at 18, in 1998, he began his professional career in the info architecture sector. In 2004 he entered in Kandor Graphics, where he started working on what he really loved, 3D animation.

After a time collaborating with different companies as a freelance, in 2009 he started working in Vodka Capital, a place that aroused his curiosity about creation and development of content.

After working in almost all the departments involved in an animated production, he decided to found Able&Baker, where he integrates his experience from the executive production.