Ali Hamdan
Ali Hamdan
Character Supervisor & Co-founder
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How do we evolve once we get into the world of VFX and CG Animation? This is a vast and amazing, yet young and not standardised industry. What made us choose such an industry and why is it important to keep this initial feeling that we had and all the passion that made us dive into it?

Being passionate by drawing, computers or animation are things that make us come to CG, but once in there we quickly have to adapt to production needs, technical efficiency and bigger challenges each time. That unstoppable flux makes us often loose our real intentions, and transforms slowly our passion, and the production workflow itself, making us mimic any other industry.

Creating great characters, with complex rigs to answer higher standards and animation is our daily work. But what if we came back to simpler things, considering user experience rather than pushing complexity, trying to really understand other departments' needs, and seeing that "on-set" work with direct human communication inspires the most effective solutions.

Some of us have also continually choose between artistry and technicality while loving or being curious about both. So why not choosing to be a technical creative - and become a bridge between two worlds, with multiples strings to our bow? Creating links and bridges is fundamental for working together, especially with different worlds like Production, Software Development and Animation not speaking the same language. Thus, having a more global and human centric approach will help us put emphasis on final user experience and answer with simple looking yet efficient solutions.

With more than 16 years of experience in the Animation industry, Ali Hamdan is a real all-rounder and a kind of "Swiss army knife".

He worked for many studios, big and small, being a Technical Director, Lighting Supervisor, CG Supervisor and Character Supervisor. After some years of Character Supervision at Illumination on The Minions, and Sing he co-founded Karlab, a company specialized in character assets and consulting.

He also kept sharing his knowledge and experience trough teaching and mentorship.