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  • Spanish (no simultaneous interpretation)
  • Lightbox Academy Room
  • postproduction, vfx, lighting, real time
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In this workshop we will talk about the creation of a highly specialized environment in product visualization through Maverick Render, full GPU rendering engine, where quality, speed, versatility and ease of use are its main features.

From the rigour of CAD models to the artistic freedom when viewing models from Substance and Zbrush, with a quick and simple workflow.

His love for programming and maths comes from childhood, when that first 8-bit computer at age 7 came to his life. It was in that moment when he took his first steps as a programmer. His fascination with computer graphics led him to specialize during his youth in the development of graphic engines, and later it became his academic and professional career.

RandomControl began its journey in 2001, with launches on its back such as fryrender and Arion. 2019 is the launch year of Maverick Render, the result of the company's continuing R&D for more than one decade and a half.