John Paul Giancarlo
John Paul Giancarlo
Media & Entertainment Technical Specialist
  • Workshop
  • Spanish (no simultaneous interpretation)
  • Lightbox Academy Room
  • postproduction, vfx, animation
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John Paul Giancarlo, Ex-Brown Bag Films VFX TD and current Tech Specialist for Autodesk will show us a sneak peek and the new visual programming platform’s advances to create complex VFX and much more within Maya Bifrost 2.0.

Bifrost is a procedural framework that can create simulated liquid and aerodynamic effects using a FLIP (fluid implicit particle) solver. You can generate liquid from emitters and have it fall under gravity, interact with colliders to direct the flow and create splashes, and use fields to create jets and other effects. You can also create fluid gas effects like smoke.

John Paul Giancarlo has been working in the TV/Film industry for over 18 years. He started his career as a lighting TD for Brown Bag Films and quickly made the jump from TV series to commercials, to be the studio 3D R&D technical director. He has worked on Emmy Award-winning TV show Doc McStuffins (Disney Junior) as well as The Octonauts (CBeebies) and Peter Rabbit (Nick Jr.), among others, as look development TD.

After several years in Ireland, John Paul's career took him to Los Angeles to work for Benthos Studio on behalf of BBF as R&D TD. He has also done work for famous artists including Shania Twain, Mariah Carey, and Jason Aldean, and collaborated with other artists on the Emmy Awards, American Idol, and much more.