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  • animation, vfx, postproduction
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When you are no longer in a local market, you compete with the rest of the world, so it is important to find out in what you are good at and how you can tell it.

In this presentation Ramón Artemán will show his vision and will try to answer the multiple matters that characterize post-production and VFX workflows in advertising. He will explain, by reviewing the history of Metropolitana, how to deal with the sector´s reorganization and the emergence of new actors and how to give value to his work from his own experience.

Ramón Artemán joins the post-production sector in 1984. After ten years and due to one of the regular crises of this sector, he works as a freelance until 1995, along with Juan Ramón Canosa, he decided to found Metropolitana. In that moment, he discovers that management can be as exciting as operation.