• Workshop
  • Spanish (no simultaneous interpretation)
  • Lightbox Academy Room
  • animation

Humans are the only living creatures who tell stories.  We do it to learn, to get excited, to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas; to survive as a species, and therefore, we like to do it properly.

In this talk you will learn how to present your character designs, according to their personality and their role in the story, how to animate them and/or move the camera to situate the viewer so that you can make it connect to the maximum with what you want to tell.

I will teach you to manipulate the subconscious through composition so that you know how to tell your audience when they have to feel overcome by adversity, when to empathize and when they have to feel triumphant throughout the story you want to tell them.

Tricks and tools to be a better storyteller and designer, because it is not enough to have a good story or idea, you have to know how to tell it.

Marcos Raya was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1980.

Currently focusing on digital art, he is still passionate about traditional drawing and painting.

He started in arts with his teacher Marcos Mateu Mestre (Framed Ink, Framed Perspective V1 and 2, etc.), followed by years of academic study between Mallorca and Barcelona.

The work of Marcos has served as support and inspiration for several million users around the world who have visited his web, learned and shared its content and art.

His goal is to continue spreading the drawing’s words and having fun creating and sharing his work for first class projects, and showing that you can achieve anything if you work hard and have faith in yourself.