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Arnold, Renderman, Vray, Maxwell... any render engine gives us a perfect image trying to simulate reality with its gradients and shading. But in Spiderman: into the Spiderverse the objective was to analyse thoroughly those smoothed renders and turn them into comic elements to achieve the desired look.

Line patterns in the shadows, points in the lights and chromatic aberrations to simulate the depth of field are some of the tricks with which, in composition, we transform the 3D image itself into a much more stylized image.

A project so groundbreaking has given wings to creativity. The composer's work was quite imaginative and with such a broad team of artists behind him, he has managed to take the film and the team to the top, to be recognized with an Oscar apart from the Golden Globe, BAFTA, ANNIE, Visual Effects Society, among many other awards.

His approach to 3D came through the Master in Digital Creation and Communication at the University of A Coruña, after which he began his professional career at Bren Entertainment and later tried his luck at the video game company Eurocom, to return later to animation in the project Planet 51 of Ilion Animation Studios.

After this project, and from Australia, Guillermo participated in Guardians of the Ga'hoole and Happy Feet 2, until Pixar Canada called him and went to work in Vancouver. Pixar Canada unfortunately closed its doors in 2013 and it was a critical moment having to decide whether to return to Spain or continue abroad. He decided to continue his international career and after his time at MPC and ILM, since 2015 he works at Sony Pictures Animation.