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  • Lightbox Academy Room
  • animation, vfx, lighting
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In recent years, simulation of muscles for creatures has almost become an obligation for large projects not only in VFX, but also in 3D animation.

In this workshop, Rubén, from Nu Boyana FX Portugal will show for the first time the development and simulation of muscles for creatures disassembling the last internal work of the studio. We will see different simulation techniques for different shots, starting from animation and going through all the processes of simulation of muscles, fascia and skins, reaching our final product.

In addition, Rubén will show the main anatomical requirements for modelling and rigging, and will explain some tricks and tips that will help us to avoid common mistakes and accelerate the time of our simulations. All that, without leaving aside our references and creative guidelines, moving on through the obstacles of a real production.

Born in 1989, passionate about videogames and animated films since he was a child, Rubén became interested in 3D at a very young age and he was self-taught.

After learning several softwares and with almost 10 years of experience as a rigger, he arrives to the world of videogames development to work later on animation and VFX projects such as Wonder Park (Ilion) or Hellboy (Nu Boyana FX).

Since 2017, he is part of Nu Boyana FX Portugal as Lead Character TD, and works developing rigs and muscles for creatures.