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B Water Animation Studios in its search for innovation and to respond to the challenges of Treasure Trekkers, designed a pipeline, currently unique in the world, that uses real-time as a technique to make it possible.

Treasure Trekkers is a premium animation series of 52 by 11 minutes. Each episode is an adventure in a different place where the main characters, two mice and a titi monkey, must find magnificent treasures and discover the true value inside them.

Dirk Hampel, founder of B-water and visionary with the use of video game engines in animation productions, will tell us in detail how he has managed to be at the forefront of the use of these technologies and how real time integration in the pipeline is being key to produce this and other series.

Animation lover, he began collaborating with several studios on various projects until 1996, when he founded the first studio of B-Water Animation Studios in Hamburg. During these years he has been growing professionally until becoming CEO of a powerful group with headquarters in Montreal, Cologne, Erfurt, Budapest, Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife. During this time, he has produced feature films, TV series and some short films.

Inspired by the Bruce Lee´s message: "be water, my friend", Dirk, through his studies, seeks to adapt to the times incorporating the latest developments in the sector to innovate in their productions. He studies each project as unique and seek maximum efficiency in pipelines to achieve the best quality. This has led him to get involved in the development of pipelines, such as Zafarior Treasure Trekkers, where video game engines are used to solve the final look. He turned these two series into the most innovative in the area of real-time in the world.