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Amuse Studios presents a fresh perspective on the rise of digital content production.

The evolution of audience-focused IPs and a highly competitive scalable model allow for the optimisation of resources and creative exploration in record time.

After a decade in the industry producing 3D/ VFX animated feature films and 2D/3D animated series between Colombia, Mexico, Canada and Spain; David has migrated from traditional production models to DIGITAL production.

Recently, he has joined forces with Ruben Zarauza and Elena Catalán at Amuse Studios (formerly Birdland), to drive the sustained growth of a highly creative team.

His experience at major studios such as MPC (Montréal), Mikros Animation (Montréal), Mighty Animation (Guadalajara, Mx. ), Ollin VFX (CDMX) and InEfecto (Tenerife) along with the experience of working on projects such as SADIE SPARKS SERIES: Disney Channel UK, GODZILLA: King of Monsters , THE SPONGEBOB MOVIE: Sponge on the run and TARA DUNCAN and the Spellbinders: Disney Channel France, among others, has allowed him to specialize in the design and optimization of complex workflows, human talent management and corporate intellectual capital development.

An enthusiast of Autodesk Shotgrid as a production management tool, he also works as an independent consultant supporting studios in development.