Sergio Jiménez
Producer / Head of Studio
  • Lightbox Academy Auditorium
  • Spanish
  • animation, vfx
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In this conference, Sergio will give an overview of his professional career in the animation and visual effects industry. From his beginnings in Barcelona, through his experience in the UK and sharing his current experience working with the recent winner of the Oscar for Animation Alberto Mielgo. 20 years of professional experience that gives for projects of all kinds and stories and lessons from a career that started unexpectedly.

He started in the animation industry by founding the 23lunes studio in 2005, which he headed for 10 years. After his experience as an entrepreneur Sergio has worked for several studios in Barcelona, such as Furia Digital and MinimoVFX. Abroad he has worked at Primal Shape (Italy), Axis Studios (Scotland), and Outpost VFX (England). His experience covers the area of production and business management, having held relevant positions as producer and executive producer.

Sergio has worked on a wide range of animation and visual effects projects such as TV series (LEGO City Adventures for Nickelodeon, or Avenue 5 for HBO), AAA in-game cinematics (Gears of War 5 for Microsoft), animated films (Justin and the Sword of Courage for Kandor Graphics), and feature films (David Lowery's The Green Knight, or Gavin Hood's Ender's Game).

Almost two years ago, Sergio started working as studio manager with Alberto Mielgo, recent Oscar winner for the best animated short film "The Windshield Wiper". His latest work was released in May 2022, as Production Manager and Executive Producer of JÍBARO, one of the episodes of the third instalment of the acclaimed Netflix series Love Death and Robots.