Gonzalo Rueda
Global Head of Software for Mikros
  • Animum Auditorium
  • Spanish
  • animation

Creating an animation project is a long and draining process. It takes a lot of creative energy and a lot of labor intensive processes. Doing one such project with everyone in the same building is challenging enough, but when it's not just one project but 6 feature films, one long form episodic and 11 regular episodic… And when instead of everyone in one building we are spread across different buildings on 3 different continents …. The challenges grow and some unexpected ones arise.

In this talk we will be talking about the challenges that come with a global animation pipeline and how Mikros Animation manages to overcome those challenges in order to produce at scale.

Gonzalo Rueda has over 25 years of experience in the industry. He started his career working on commercial software development where he worked on implementing innovative algorithms in artist tools. He later joined a startup studio that would become Ilion Animation Studios where he worked leading the technology and pipeline for over 18 years. Currently as Global Head of Software for Mikros at Technicolor he leads the different development teams in Montreal, Paris and Bangalore that are supporting the animation projects of Mikros.