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Gonzalo Rute, Art Director of USER T38, has been on all fronts of the production of USER T38 and in this presentation he will explain the importance of graphic campaigns, headers and videos for social networks in series and films of both small and large productions. How filming is carried out for this type of promotional videos from pre-production and filming to execution and post-production. Mini productions with a technical and design deployment in which the project's own production company is involved.

He will also talk about the importance of Title Treatment, posters, sketches, film references and deliveries, as well as getting to know the script and the director in order to carry out this type of campaign, both online and for outdoor and festivals.

With 20 years of experience in the design and postproduction industry in VFX, advertising and graphic campaigns, USER T38 has created more than a hundred promotional campaigns, nearly 40 feature films and TV series, and countless commercials. USER T38's track record includes several Goya Award nominations for the digital effects of feature films such as 'Verónica' or 'Gernika', the prized statuette in 2018 for Best Visual Effects for 'Handia'; or the Best Special Effects Award at the Fancine de Málaga for the design, post-production and colour grading of 'Color Out of Space', directed by Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage.

They have also created outstanding graphic campaigns, credits, trailers, animated pieces and memorable headers such as 'Agora', 'Zipi y Zape' or 'El Ministerio del Tiempo', to more recent ones such as those for the series 'The Head', 'El Desorden que Dejas', 'Feria', or 'Días Mejores'. As well as graphic and audiovisual campaigns for VOD platforms such as 'El Internado', or 'El Cid' for Prime Video; or 'El Páramo' and 'Insiders' for Netflix.

Art director and designer with more than 10 years of experience in the audiovisual sector. He has participated in the design and image of many film and television productions. Both in the development and design of internal materials, as well as in their promotional campaigns. Alejandro Amenabar, Daniel Calparsoro, Rodrigo Sorogoyen or Fernando Trueba, are some of the directors he has worked with for the development of their film posters. Currently, as one of the main art directors of USER T38, he works designing and directing campaigns for the main VOD platforms such as Prime Video or Netflix, and big production companies such as Warner Bros, among others.