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For this conference Nu Boyana FX Portugal CEO and co-founder, Pedro Domingo, will talk about the adventure of surviving the creation of a company, grow as a team and produce visual effects for a blockbuster like Hellboy at the same time. Technical simulations, rigs, animations or modelling are some of the tasks the studio has been working on for this production.

He will also show the different technical advances the studio has been developed in this year and a half of life. Nu Boyana FX is currently working on new productions of the Nu Boyana Films family such as Rambo V and Angel has Fallen.

Every adventure has a beginning, and Nu Boyana FX Portugal could not be less! Nu Boyana FX is part of the Nu Boyana Film Studios family, with venues in Braga, Portugal, and Sofia, Bulgaria. In the case of Portugal, the studio was created to collaborate in the production of VFX for Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen and lay the foundations of what would be the landing of Nu Boyana in the peninsula. The final challenge was creating each necessary department to meet the different needs of this production: from modelling to composition, through simulations, animations, rigs, etc.

Born in 1982, Pedro was rigger before being a manager. He studied design and multimedia in Madrid where he soon realized that three axes gave him better results than two.

With 10 years of experience in the rig area, he has gone through different studios such as MPC, Lightbox Entertainment, Anima Kitchent or WWFX where he has always been curious about what happens in production beyond his own monitor.

In 2018, Pedro embarks on the adventure of creating and managing Nu Boyana FX Portugal studio, definitely changing 3D tools for excel tables.