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We used to touch music with vinyls, films with VHS’ and stories with books. In a world where everything becomes more and more digitised, we are confronted with designers who lose their tactile physical experience in their design process. Twenty Third C founder Nik Hill is going to explore how we could create juxtaposition between the digital and physical design.

We are the originators of the extraordinary. A collection of designers, makers, builders and imaginary thinkers. We combine to form a multi-faceted design studio, mixing traditional techniques and the latest technology with explosive synergy. We think, craft, create and bring the digital into the physical.  

Our projects and clients include: BBC 2, Illenium, Fedez, LG, MJ Cole…

Nik’s career began whilst studying for his BA in Motion Graphics at London Met, where he entered a competition with studio Factory 311. After winning, Nik went on to create motion design for Arsenal FC’s online TV channel - Arsenal 360. Nik graduated with honours in 2012 and freelanced at studios such as SPOV, Weare17 and Territory, where Nik was taken on as Senior Motion Designer. Here he worked on a number of feature films, including Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Jupiter Ascending and Agent 47.

He was later promoted to Art Director at Territory, where he led a number of design and animation tasks for screen graphics that featured heavily in Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049. Nik later went freelance for a change of pace, but the freelance demand grew exponentially and evolved into the design studio that is now Twenty Third C.

Nik has also presented at IBC and NAB for Adobe as well as Siggraph for Maxon Cinema4D and hosts an online course for CGSOCIETY. He also makes time to appear as a guest alumni lecturer at London Met.