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Learn about the creative process of "Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film", inspired by the cult comic book series, Tokyo Ghost. A 3D animated short film created by students and teachers at Animum Creativity Advanced School.

For three years, more than 40 people have worked on this tribute to the comic phenomenon Tokyo Ghost, a story about technological addiction full of action and visual appeal. A tribute to the art captured in the first pages of the work and that we, with daring, have transferred to 3D Animation.

As big fans, we were drawn to the idea of bringing Sean Murphy's aesthetic to life. Moving from 2D to 3D has been a challenge, not only on a technical level, but also an organisational challenge that has grown with the project. In this presentation we will point out the key processes that have made the project a success, in which the development of tools, an adequate production pipeline and remote supervision have played a very important role.

Without being a studio, we have made a short film with great complexity in action shots, drama and FX with fast moving cameras. A level of demand that has shown the level of Animum graduates, as well as the work habit and the sacrifice that a production of this magnitude requires.

Together we create worlds. We invite you to live with us this exciting collaborative project. "Tokyo Ghost: Fan Film". The tribute that this cult piece in the world of comics deserves.

Through his hands have passed professionals who now work in big international productions such as 'Minions', 'Mascots 2', 'Spiderman: A New Universe', 'The Lion King' or 'Dr.Dolittle' in companies such as Sony Pictures Imageworks, MPC, Illumination Mac Guff, Skydance Animation, Ubisoft or El Ranchito.

Several of Roger's films have won Best Animated Film at the Goya Awards. He participated in series and films such as Planet 51, Space Chimps, DonkeyXote, Nocturna or Pinocchio 3000.

Since 2009, he combines his academic responsibilities with Animation Supervision and Direction at Animum. His values are the same, both as a teacher and as a professional: rigour and commitment to quality. Values that he shares with Animum, which since its founding has focused on seeking a differentiating learning, taught by professionals and with a technical and academic rigour that ensures the successful learning of their students.