JULY 7 - 9, 2022 | A CORUÑA - SPAIN
Thursday: 16:00 - 19:30
Friday: 10:00 - 14:00 & 16:00 - 19:30
Saturday: 10:30 - 14:00
Don't miss the opportunity to participate
on the biggest sectorial recruitment fair in Spain!
Free recruitment spaces for companies looking for hiring.
If you are a company or studio, you will have a free space so that you can interview with Mundos Digitales attendees, watch their demoreels... and hire some of them if you find someone who meets your requirements.

Mundos Digitales creates the perfect environment to meet students and professionals with real interest, knowledge and abilities in animation and VFX. Therefore, the organization of Mundos Digitales offers the possibility of having a recruiting space where introduce your studio to professionals with intention of joining to future productions and maintain personal meetings.

The assignment of this recruitment space is free. The availability of spaces is limited so if you are interested or want further information, please get in touch with us via e-mail:

If you attend Mundos Digitales, you can show your demoreel and your works to the involved companies and... if they like you, you could become part of their teams.

Mundos Digitales, in collaboration with animation, visual effects and new media companies and studios, organizes a recruiting fair for all conference attendees. For attending these fair you have to purchase a ticket for the Conference and go to the recruitment fair area.

Companies participating and the profiles they are looking for to incorporate to their productions will be available soon on our website.


El Ranchito


El Ranchito

A Spanish company with international projection.

El Ranchito is a Spanish post-production company, specializing in the creation of visual effects for film, television and advertising. Founded in 2004, it has participated in hundreds of films, television series and spots, both for the national and international markets. The El Ranchito team has created the digital effects for HBO series such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, for Disney series The Mandalorian, for Apple TV+ See, or for Netflix productions like Lost in Space, Shadow and Bone and Locke & Key; and films such as A Monster Calls, The Impossible and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, by J. Bayona, or Agora, by Alejandro Amenábar, among many others. Its work has been recognized with an Emmy, six VES (Visual Effects Society), an HPA (Hollywood Professional Association), nine Goyas and three Gaudí.



Illusorium Studios

Animation and VFX studio located in the heart of Madrid and focused on the international industry. Close to completing 10 years of experience, we are working on top-level projects in collaboration with the largest studios and companies in the world, all thanks to the efforts of the team of professionals and young promises that make up Illusorium Studios.



Melgo Cinema

Melgo Cinema is an audiovisual production company created in 2018, based in A Coruña. Its manager, Roberto Alvite, is committed to following a social line and taking advantage of the potential of the media to integrate multiple disciplines in favour of dealing with day-to-day realities. Respect for the bases of a production, the script and the work team are pillars of the company's values, which unites creativity with commerciality, the past with the future; in short, production with the public.

His projects cover a wide variety of genres and formats, from short films, feature films and miniseries to video games. His most recent release is the romantic and interactive visual novel Ti Primeiro, available in six languages for iOS and Android mobile devices and with more than 10,000 downloads in more than 30 countries. It currently has both interactive and non-interactive projects in development and pre-production.

one of us


One of Us

One of Us is a visual effects studio with a focus on design and collaboration.

We have a reputation for being visually intelligent and bold and for finding creative and inventive ways to make the best use of visual effects. We are excited by the evolving challenges and possibilities of filmmaking. Above all, we want to make beautiful images!

Lusco Fusco Animation


Lusco Fusco Animation

Lusco Fusco is a plucky, swanky, even dashing, new 3D animation studio currently working on high-quality and highly spirited short and feature films, TV series and advertisement! Our very talented and experienced team is eager to bring your heart-warming, scary, or entirely genre non-conforming ideas to life – creating the crème de la crème, the custard of the pie, the swooshy cupcake cream of animation! No idea is too loco for us! So pull up your socks because it's time to meet the rooster at Mundos Digitales.

Mucho Fun, Mucho Lusco, Mucho Fusco

3 Doubles Producciones



We are a 3D Animation company focused on providing a quality service. We are in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and we have great professionals who have worked on large projects in Spain, such as Tadeo Jones, Atrapa la Bandera, Planet 51 and Deep.

We produce projects that stand out because of their creativity, technological development and quality.

Our work involves all aspects of production such as production, pipeline, IT, modeling, animation, layout and post production. We focus on the development of high international quality, collaborating as producers, co-producers and service providers with other leading companies.




Sygnatia was founded by Xosé Zapata as an animation studio and has become in recent years one of the companies with the greatest projection in Spain.

In 2017, it is announced the production of "Dragonkeeper", a €20 million CGI, animated family film co-produced between Spain and China that will be released in 2023.

In 2018 he premiered the animated film "Buñuel en el laberinto de las tortugas" with which he won the Best Animated Film Award at the European Film Awards festival in 2019 and in 2020 he won the Best Animated Film Goya.

In 2020, it announces the production of "Chica y Lobo" (Roc Spinet), a 2D animated feature film with Hampa Studios, which has the support of AGADIC and the Community of Madrid.

In 2021, it opens a new production line focused on real-action fiction cinema with "El Refugio" with great box office success. It is currently shooting the feature film "La llegada" starring Alberto Ammann and Bruna Cusí.

Lightbox Animation Studios


Lightbox Animation Studios

Everything revolves around the story. Everything revolves around characters. Everything revolves around connections. These are the principles that have built our films since we founded the studio in May 2008. Lightbox Animation Studios is an animation studio and production company focused on creating high-quality 3D animated films. Our main goal is to create high-end media content capable of generating international brands and franchises with a life beyond the screen, all with unbeatable quality for the budget.

In 2013, our first feature film 'Tadeo Jones' won 3 Goya Awards, including Best New Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. No other animated movie got those awards before. Locally, Tadeo Jones' films are the highest grossing Spanish animated films in history, and have become a well-known franchise with their own TV show and merchandising. "Capture the Flag" was our first film released worldwide by Paramount Pictures. It was the first time this had happened with a Spanish film.

Now we are building new projects, new ideas, new dreams... that we will soon be able to enjoy on the big screen.




Editing, Postproduction, 3D Animation and VFX specialized school.

Located in San Sebastián, it has become a benchmark in the Peninsular North for the quality of its training plans and its high level of employment.

The training plans of its masters are designed based on companies' real needs, with a totally practical methodology, focused on the labor insertion of students. All teachers are professionals with recognized international prestige who are active (editors, graphic artists, 3D artists, VFX composers...) who transmit real workflows and always with the latest versions of the programs.

If there is something that makes this small school different, it is the personalized attention and follow-up that they provide to each student, which means that 80% find work every year after completing the internship period.

They currently have students working in studios such as El Ranchito, Entropy, Miopia VFX, Hampa Studio, Ficción Producciones, Dibulitoon, Dr Platypus & Ms Wombat, Platige Image….after completing their internships in these companies.

In addition to collaboration agreements with post-production studios throughout Spain, they have an exclusive job bank for them.

Technicolor Creative Studios

Technicolor creative studios provide access to all the latest opportunities to join Technicolor's award-winning creative powerhouse studios around the world. We also offer access to free learning and development to artists to take their first steps in the world of visual effects. At Technicolor Creative Studios we hold events to bring together a breadth of talent across the industry to showcase the most innovative developments, discuss the latest trends, and open the doors to roles with Moving Picture Company (MPC), The Mill, Mikros Animation and Technicolor Games.

Skydance Animation


Skydance Animation

Skydance offers a dynamic, inclusive, and ever-evolving culture where innovative ideas are welcomed, and growth fostered. The partnership between unique creativity and technological advancements are demonstrated within each pillar of the company. At the heart of it all is a commitment to boldly entertaining and relevant storytelling.

While all Animation studios look to hire people who are creative and hard-working, Skydance Animation is specifically looking for pioneers who seek to push the limits of what the world's most collaborative art form can achieve, and to give those pioneers the space and the resources to build a new studio that's doing something different.



Xreality Studios

XReality Studios is a VFX company that offers post-production services, from visual effects to virtual reality, through final colour, animation, generation of particles and fluid systems, among others, always seeking technical efficiency.

The most creative and qualified experts in the VFX industry are in XReality Studios, with the aim of offering our clients post-production work of the highest possible quality.

We are lucky to have the best professionals in the sector. These experts have been working in audiovisual post-production and VFX for more than 20 years and have seen the VFX sector evolve during this time, also learning new technologies and techniques. The XReality Studios team is passionate, skilled, and talented. His work has been recognized by institutions around the world, such as the European Commission and the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, achieving multiple awards in different congresses and conferences.

Research activity: We know that this industry changes rapidly. That's why XReality Studios strives every day to learn new technologies, new software and technical advances. Research and development are two of our greatest assets, to offer the customer the best service to date.

in efecto


In Efecto Atlantis

In Efecto Atlantis is an animation studio that has been offering creative and innovative content for digital productions for more than 18 years. A combination of creative talent, technology and its own facilities definitely distinguishes In Efecto as a different animation studio.

In 2019 we settled in Tenerife to produce our first high-quality full animated television series Tara Duncan. If you love animation challenges, endearing characters, fantastic tales and epicadventures, and if you are sure you have that special magic touch that our productions needs, then you are ready to work with us and we want to hear from you!

HAMPA Animation Studio


HAMPA Animation Studio

HAMPA Animation Studio is an animation studio and production company. We produce our own projects or co-produce other projects with other production companies, as long as we like the stories. With this same philosophy we provide animation production services for advertising agencies and production companies.




In Antaruxa we not only try to do things well, if they let us we do them better, with a combo of affection and quality, let´s say... that we are characterized by loving our profession. So if you are also a lover, if you like to work with good vibes, as a team, with challenges and under the enormous pressure of trying to be a legend (over the years), come and talk to us.

The Spa Studios


The SPA Studios

Since the beginning, our focus has been on producing high quality work in all things Animation, providing Production and Pre-Production services for such studios as Universal, Blue Sky, Warner and Disney.

The SPA studios has always invested great effort in developing original content for Feature Animation Films.

The studio created and developed the original Story and materials on which Universal's "Despicable Me" is based.

More recently the SPA studios conceived and produced "Klaus", Netflix's first original feature animated film, for which it received 1 BAFTA and 7 Annie Awards, as well as being nominated by the 2020 Academy Awards for Best Animated Film, among many others.




We are a VFX studio focused on providing top quality VFX, specialized in character development.

At NBFX we have the capacity to take on projects of different sizes – from blockbusters to independent short films, ads and institutional works, music videos and more – we'll help you bring your vision to life with pixel perfect CG.

From on set supervision to our technical departments such as modelling, texture, rigging, animation, FX, lighting, compositing and video editing, we are able to respond to the needs of each project.

Some of our work can be seen in titles such as The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, The Outpost, Jolt, The Protégé, Rambo V, Angel has Fallen, Hellboy, as well as in online and TV advertisement, music videos and scientific / technical 3D projects.

We're currently preparing production and gathering an amazing team of killer VFX Artists for Expendables 4 and we're looking forward to meeting you at Mundos Digitales.

Cool team. Great VFX.




Able&Baker is an animation studio located in Madrid created in 2014 with the aim of producing original and quality content. A few years ago became known for its participation in the acclaimed Netflix anthology series "Love, Death and Robots" with the episode "The Dump", and also in the production of feature films "Dragonrider".




Passion was founded in 1987 by Andrew Ruhemann as a studio where the best creatives can collaborate to tell stories on film. Working across animation and live action, commercials, movies and series, innovation and quality remain at the heart of Passion.

As an international studio, Passion has teams in London, Paris and Barcelona working with directors and crew from across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia. Our work has been recognized by the most prestigious awards and festivals in the world, including the Academy Awards for both animation and documentary.

Passion has been behind some of the most well-known animated commercials and shorts, creating the iconic Aleksandr the Meerkat, the original virtual band Gorillaz, and was responsible for hundreds of Play Doh bunnies taking over New York City. Recent animated campaigns include a hugely popular series of Christmas movies for the Erste banking group, epic trailers for the hit game Apex Legends, and a hilarious yet poignant stop motion story for the Global Women charity.

Dare Planet Studio


Dare Planet Studio

In Dare Planet Studio we create VFX through innovation, adding production value to all kinds of national and international projects.

The work and experience of our team is recognized with 2 Goya Awards for Best Special Effects.

In addition, in the years 2021 and 2022, we have obtained 3 nominations for the Goya Awards and 2 nominations for the Gaudí Awards.

We close the cycle, our artists and a state-of-the-art technological infrastructure cover all aspects of the post-production process, from design and shooting, to final quality control and deliveries.

We are waiting for you!