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In this talk, Alejandro Jimenez and Bernardo González will explain the coincidences and coincidences that led them to get into a project like Love, Death and Robots.

They will also go through all the technical and artistic challenges involved in the production of the three chapters they have made for the Netflix series, starting with 'Yogurt to power' and 'Three robots', and delving especially into the production of the chapter 'Three robots: Escape strategies', belonging to volume 3.

Alejandro Jimenez

After graduating in Fine Arts, Alejandro began to train and work in the world of design until 2009, combining it with illustration and drawing. After studying animation, he founded Blow Studio with Bernardo González in 2011.

Within Blow Studio, he began to develop his facets as a modeller and animator, to move on to the production management, art direction and animation direction with the growth of the studio. Blow Studio has developed projects for Netflix, Dreamworks, Reel FX, Tendril, Dvein, etc.

As a director, he has co-directed the short films Project Shell, 5 and Alleycats, which have won awards at various festivals.

Bernardo González

A graduate in Audiovisual Communication, he became interested in compositing and 3D more than 20 years ago. He continued his training in animation, post-production, direction and narrative.

He began his professional career in the infoarchitecture and advertising sector as a 3D artist. He worked for various studios such as Dvein and Physalia.

In 2011 he founded Blow Studio with Alejandro Jiménez where they develop projects for Netflix, Dreamworks, Reel FX, Tendril, Dvein, etc. alternating with the studio's own productions such as Project Shell, 5 and Alleycats.

He is currently focused on the management and direction of the studio.