• Lightbox Academy Auditorium
  • English & Spanish
  • animation, videogames
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Evan Viera and Raul Rocha will talk about how are the videogames affecting the animation industry and their experience with different projects framed in both worlds.

Evan Viera

He is a director based out of MKE and LA (USA). He performs directing work on many different places: Illusorium Studios, Digital Domain, Passion Pictures, and Yukfoo. He has spoken at Pixar Animation Studios, Ars Electronica Festival, to himself—brushing his teeth—in the mirror, and elsewhere. He grew up in the hillside of rural Massachusetts. He has a cat, a son, and a partner. He misses the rain. And the cows

Raúl Rocha

CEO of Illusorium Studios and one the co-founders. He has been part of the growth of the studio becoming one of the animation references in Spain working with clients of all ver the world such as Riot, EA, Netflix, HBO, etc.

Always involved in the company strategy and making sure that all the moves are done in the correct direction. He doesn´t like to brag but at least his grandma says that he is kind of awesome at what he does!