Andrew Cochrane
Content Creator
  • Animum Auditorium
  • English (simultaneous interpretation)
  • vfx, virtual productions, artificial intelligence
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This talk will provide a complete understanding of Neural Radiance Fields, aka NeRFs. This emerging technology is an AI-powered toolset for capturing, manipulating, and rendering photographic captures of the real world – with a disruptive applicability to CGI/VFX, realtime rendering, and XR.

This talk will cover how NeRFs work, how to get into making them, where the tech stands today, what the roadmap for future innovation looks like, and the various opportunities that they present to the media and entertainment industry.

Andrew is an interactive and immersive content creator specializing in mediums such as virtual and augmented reality, installations, live events, and mobile & web apps. His immersive credits span the gamut of live-action, CGI, and realtime experiences, and he has led projects for clients such as Intel, Adobe, USA Today, Google, GE, Disney, USA Network, Visa, Las Vegas, and many others.

He built the post production team and workflows for MSG's brand-new Sphere Studios in Los Angeles, which is responsible for producing content for experiences in the Sphere venues, the first of which is under construction in Las Vegas.