JULY 6 - 8, 2023 | A Coruña - Spain


Arnau Olle
Arnau Olle
Skydance Animation Madrid
Ricardo Leoz
Ricardo Leoz
Wonder & Rilet
Greg O´Connor
Greg O´Connor
Flying Bark
Christian Dan Bejarano
Christian Dan Bejarano
Director Animación
IMPORTANT: In order not to interrupt the screening of the finalist short films of the International Animation Festival, access to the auditorium will not be allowed once the screening has started.

FINALISTS Best Animation Short Film

Direction: Pierre-Hugues DALLAIRE, Benoit THERRIAULT
Production: Rodeo FX
Country: Canada

A young boy named Sonny works in an underground coal mine with the adults, taking care of the canary that detects deadly methane gas.

Direction: Amaury DANA, Luc DELBOS, Emeline DESCLAUX, Sébastien JOUSSET, Alice MOQUET, Théo REMARK, Raphaël TADDIA, Arthur VIATGÉ
Production: ESMA
Country: France

In a far away castle, a doctor has given life to a creature he stitched back together from corpses. However, it doesn't seem to suffice him…

Direction: Martin KLEKNER
Production: Martin KLEKNER
Country: Czech Republic

An animated short film set in ancient Greece. It's the story of an Athenian boy living in the shadow of his father's exploits, with the threat of a second Persian invasion looming over Greece.

Direction: Emmanuel KURUKULASURIYA / Lucile MANGENOT / Raphaël JOLIVET / Ilowna LUST / Alexandre CANIVET / Mélodie TANIER / Diane NUTY / Dimitri BESNARD
Production: NEW3DGE
Country: France

Near the Omo river in Ethiopia,a boy's coming of age ceremony is about to be ruined by an armed group thus taking away his innocence.

FINALISTS Best National Animation Short

Direction: Carmen Córdoba
Production: Carmen Córdoba

Mother and Daughter are bound together for life by an eternal bond that heals and wounds, and which is perpetuated when Daughter becomes Mother.

Direction: Lorena Ares, Carlos F. de Vigo
Production: Carlos F. de Vigo, Joaquín Calderón, Mintxo Díaz

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse meet to analyse the state of humanity and discuss their strategies for the future. A weak and dying Death welcomes his companions with the intention of convincing them to torture humans less, but Famine, Plague and War dream of a humanity trapped in a world with no escape.

Direction: Alfonso Fulgencio, José Luis Farias
Production: Alfonso Fulgencio, José Luis Farias

It seemed like a normal day on the International Space Station, until one of the spacecraft's systems fails. Mar and Petrov, two experienced astronauts, try to repair it, but something never seen before hits them violently, now they just have to try to survive.

Direction: Juan Carlos Mostaza
Production: Juan Carlos Mostaza

1950. In a new chapter of the fashionable radio serial, Inspector Pratt is about to reveal the murderer of Mrs Brown, the wealthy heiress of the Balme jewellery emporium. The suspects are waiting in the huge Victorian drawing room, expectant for the shrewdest of detectives to solve the case. But nothing is as it seems at Humbug Manor.