Ed Hooks
  • Animum Auditorium
  • English (simultaneous interpretation)
  • animation
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Theatrical reality is not the same thing as regular reality. For starters, it has structure and purpose because it is in the service of storytelling. In this 3-hour workshop, Ed Hooks will present the underlying basic principles of acting.

With lecture-discussion plus analysis of clips from animation and live-action film, you will learn how to ask your character, "What are you doing?" You will learn what it means to "play an action" and to "pursue an objective" and why "conflict/obstacle" is essential — and why it is not necessarily negative.

You will learn about status transactions and power centres and how emotion tends to lead to action. You will learn why emotion alone is not actable.

This is a fun, informative and essential masterclass for every artist in the animation industry, taught by Ed Hooks.

Ed Hooks is the author of Acting for Animators, recently published by Routledge in a Revised 5th Edition. He was a professional actor for almost thirty years, trained in New York and with many credits in all media. He is an internationally respected acting teacher that started working with animators in 1996, at DreamWorks/PDI when that studio was making the film Antz.

Since then, Ed Hooks has taught for most major animation studios and video game companies in the world — over 35 countries, to be more specific, and he has taught a generation of artists.

Ed and his wife, Cally, moved from Los Angeles to Lisbon, Portugal seven years ago, and that is where they still live today.