Adrián Pueyo
Visual Effects & Virtual Production Supervisor
Orca Studios
  • Animum Auditorium
  • Spanish (simultaneous interpretation)
  • animation, vfx, virtual productions
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Adrian will go through his personal experience and learnings over the last few years about In-Camera VFX, as a new set of disruptive techniques and technologies to tell stories in a new way through virtual production.

He will explain the basics of the technology, the pieces by which it works, the advantages and limitations it has at the moment, and the potential developments and applications in this technology for the future.

In addition, he will share practical tips and anecdotes about the work of Orca Studios, a pioneering studio in the country with the implementation of ICVFX in film and advertising.

Visual Effects & Virtual Production Supervisor specialized in feature films, with a digital compositing background, extensive photography and lighting fundamentals and a strong interest for filmmaking, 3D, maths, programming and colour workflows, who loves learning every minute on the high-end of a passion built for many years.

In the field of Visual Effects, he has extensive experience in productions such as The MummyThe Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge or Los Renglones Torcidos de Dios among others.