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Wonder & Rilet was born from a vague idea in the minds of two young people until it materialised into what it is today: a company with groundbreaking ambitions in the visual effects sector.

From starting out asking for a loan at the bank with nothing to back it up to becoming more than 20 artists with a shared reason: to live a life full of development and growth, having all the tools needed to be able to change the paradigm of the industry.

Ricardo Leoz

Ricardo wants to go to the countryside to read books, but his workalcoholism only allows him to set up a company.

When everything goes wrong: troubles. When everything goes well: troubles. He seems to love problems. Sometimes he confuses the office with his home.

Juan Carmona

Since he was a child, Juan was interested in the audiovisual world, but especially in the business world.

After a few years in the freelance world as a filmmaker, he decided to begin his journey in VFX, something that he managed to land together with his associate Ricardo.

WONDER & RILET, the most beautiful headache he can have today.