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In this presentation we will explore how artificial intelligence is being used in the industry to improve image quality. We will show tools that are already being used in the industry and how professionals can adapt to make the most of this technology.

We will start with the technological evolution in the audiovisual sector, giving historical examples of the evolution and the enormous changes that the sector has undergone since its emergence. From the evolution of analogue cameras to digital cameras, which have made it possible to create high quality images and videos in a more efficient and accessible way.

We will look at how the internet, social media and mobile technology have changed the way images are shared. Also, how video platforms have revolutionised the way films and series are distributed and consumed.

All the way to the present, with a new world of opportunities through AI.

We assure you that this synopsis has not been generated by AI, has it?

José Antonio Labandibar

His professional career began in the field of image and sound. His interest and passion for technology led him to be trained and certified in technologies such as Microsoft and CISCO among many others, simultaneously with his career as a web developer.

In his more than 15 years of experience in the IT sector, he evolved from purely technical positions to management and leadership roles in global multidisciplinary technical teams.

He has worked in leading companies such as Adidas, Mango, KFC, Pepsi, Movistar, Grifols, Sanitas, Ibercaja, RTVE, Mapfre, Bosch or the European Union.

Always looking for new challenges to keep growing as a professional and exploring the potential of technology to drive change through innovative solutions. He currently leads Dare Planet Shuttle, the Dare Planet brand of innovation, with technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and virtual reality among many others.

Pedro Martínez Monasterio

Since the late 90's until nowadays he works as a visual effects artist and VFX Supervisor for fiction, advertising... in big postproduction studios such as TelsonMolinareDaltonsSerenaTechnicolor...

From 2015 he started an exciting research stage in immersive content as CTO in La Bicicleta-ad in which he won several awards such as the one achieved in 2017 at the El Sol Festival with AMG Vrace by Pixel & Pixel for Mercedes Benz Spain.

In 2019 he started working in an advanced research centre, directing the artificial intelligence studies that were beginning to develop towards the audiovisual world.

He currently combines his work supervising visual effects with innovation projects based on artificial intelligence at Dare Planet.