• Lightbox Academy Auditorium
  • Spanish (simultaneous interpretation)
  • animation, vfx
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Nowadays, it is usual to focus conversations on the new technology that has come out, the value of techniques that make your work more efficient and faster, how to fit budgets and timings, but there is something much more important: creativity.

Creativity is fundamental to approach the project, whatever it is, in a genuine way, proposing new ways of seeing, listening or feeling, turning ideas around or enriching the concept. All of this allows us to bet on our vision and also to creatively overcome, never better said, budgetary, technological or time constraints. It is also essential to stand out in a competitive world and to ensure that our work has that "something" different.

Javier Verdugo

Javier Verdugo is a multidisciplinary artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada. After completing his degree, he moved to Fontys School of the Arts, where he graduated in animation and design.

With more than 20 years of experience in the videogame, film and advertising industry, Javier has worked for multiple Spanish and international studios on various projects that have won awards at major film and advertising festivals around the world.

From his base in Barcelona, he has been responsible for some of the most exciting animated scenes in films such as A Monster Calls, The Kid Who Would Be King and Dolittle, demonstrating his versatility and experience in the film and VFX industry.

Albert Sala

Albert Sala is a visual artist with a passion for telling original stories. His work explores the tension between reality and the limitless possibilities of surreal and abstract states.

His work is characterised by bold imagery, meticulous design and a strong narrative drive. With a background in graphic design, photography, animation and experimental film, he draws inspiration from a wide variety of sources to create his distinctive visual style. Since one year ago he is part of the creative, artistic team of Glassworks Barcelona.