Ramiro AMK Fernández
Art Director
  • Dragonkeeper Room
  • Spanish ( no simultaneous interpretation)
  • animation, vfx, virtual productions
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In this Misterclass, Ramiro will share with participants his extensive experience in the creative process of the audiovisual arts and the tools he has acquired throughout his career to combat frustration, lack of inspiration and other negative feelings that often arise during this process. The main objective of the content is to provide attendees with tools to re-signify these moments of darkness, refresh resources and reduce the pressures that often impede creative development.

During this Misterclass, Ramiro will guide participants through his own experience and give them a unique perspective on the creative process in the world of audiovisual arts. With a hands-on approach, Ramiro will help participants identify the emotional barriers that prevent them from creating freely.

A unique opportunity for artists who wish to improve their creativity and develop their artistic potential. By participating in this session, participants will have the opportunity to discover new ways of approaching creative challenges.

With more than two decades of experience in the audiovisual industry, Ramiro has established himself as a leading visual artist, musician, illustrator and art director, leading teams in large-scale projects both locally and internationally.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ramiro has broadened his horizons and currently plays a key role as project and visual art director at VideoCopilot, one of the most innovative and pioneering companies in the VFX industry.

Ramiro has directed large-scale projects using cutting-edge technologies, such as the opening ceremony of the Copa America 2011, which included an impressive mapping projection show in the unique stadium of La Plata, as well as the art direction of the film El spejo de los otros, where he developed a Full CG gothic Cathedral for the entire film. Likewise, his work in the creative direction and design of a hydroelectric power stand Yaciretá, with interaction games with Kinect technology, design of holoboxes with virtual objects and an immersive simulator for 30 people, demonstrates his ability to work with state-of-the-art technologies.

In addition to his background in large-scale projects, he has developed his art to support and express the sensibilities of other internationally renowned music artists such as Jack GardinerOwane and Baxty, among others. His passion for exploring the emotional terrain of the image allows him to create unique pieces that captivate and serve as a medium to communicate the sensibility of other artists, becoming an important ally for other creators to express their message. Ramiro stands out for his ability to create works that enhance the artistic expression of others and connect with the public on an emotional level.