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Virtual filming is an increasingly widespread reality that is being applied in all types of productions, whether in cinema, advertising, video games or visual effects.

Within the framework of the Plan España Hub Audiovisual promoted by the Secretaría de Estado de Telecomunicaciones e Infraestructuras Digitales, Spain Film Commission, and as one of its 3 strategic lines, includes the contribution to the transformation of the Spanish audiovisual sector.

To this end, and after an intense analytical work in which it has worked closely with more than 30 leading professionals in the industry, it considers Mundos Digitales to be the perfect framework for transferring to the sector the conclusions obtained in this analysis of the new forms of virtual filming and their technical, legal and economic implications.

Manuel Ramírez, Víctor M. Feliz and Francisco Menéndez will present the technical challenges posed by this new way of designing virtual content, and its creation within an appropriate legal framework.

Manuel Ramírez

As Head of VFX, some of the tasks Manuel is responsible for are finding efficient ways of working developing FX assets and workflows when and where needed, evaluating tasks, reviewing shots and managing the day-to-day needs and debts of the FX department and ensuring deadlines are met by communicating risks and challenges to the production team and other supervisors.

Manuel has numerous nominations and awards for his work at El Ranchito, including 2 VES Awards for Game of Thrones SE07, EMMY nomination for Lost in Space SE01, as well as a Goya award.

He has worked on numerous productions such as The Mandalorian, Game of Thrones, Lost in Space, Monster Calls or The First, among many others.

Víctor M. Feliz

Víctor is cofounder of The4DScanner. They have the world's largest 4D scanner, offering the possibility of creating hyper-realistic customised characters to integrate into any type of CG project.

He is also the founder of Motiva CG, a studio specialising in creating innovative, useful and simple tools.

Francisco Menéndez

Fran graduated in Law from the Carlos III University of Madrid and holds a Master's Degree in Film Industry Management.

As a lawyer, he practices and develops his activity in the law firm Welaw Legal Consulting, dedicated to advising production companies, investment funds, as well as banking entities specialised in audiovisual industry. He has advised dozens of audiovisual projects.

His areas of expertise include intellectual property, advice on structuring aspects of audiovisual projects, international co-productions, production services, public aid, exploitation windows, as well as financial aspects of the same.

Luis Cueto

Luis Cueto is a technician at the AGE and holds the position of advisor member at the Secretaría de Estado de telecomunicaciones e Infraestructuras Digitales, of the Ministerio de Asuntos económicos y Transformación Digital. He represents the Ministry in the Spain Audiovisual Hub programme. Among the various projects funded by the programme is the "Libro Blanco de los Rodajes Virtuales in collaboration with the Spain Film Commission, the main lines of which will be presented at this roundtable.