Purchase of the ticket entails acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

  • A Mundos Digitales ticket gives you access to all activities organized in the framework of the International Conference on Animation, VFX & New Media every day of the event last.
  • Once acquired, the ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded, all purchases being final, except in the case of technical incidences.
  • Mundos Digitales organisers reserve the right to change, modify or alter the event programme at any time, as well as dates, schedule and speakers due to unforeseeable or technical circumstances, health causes or force majeure or when changes do involve a substantial alteration of the content of the event. These changes will not, under no circumstances, lead to a refund of the ticket price.
  • Purchase and access to the Mundos Digitales activities are reserved to adults. Underage guests who want to attend the Conference, please contact the organization of Mundos Digitales by sending an email to or by telephone to (0034) 881 872 691.
  • The capacity of the Mundos Digitales venue is limited. In addition, students rate and students group rate tickets are limited. Seating at these rates will be available until sold out. Once completed, registration for these rates will be closed. Once the capacity of the venue is completed, registration will be completely closed.
  • In the event that the capacity initially planned for the event is reduced due to health reasons, those who purchased it first will have priority to keeping their ticket, that is, priority is established according to the earliest date of purchase of the ticket until full capacity is reached. Mundos Digitales will proceed to refund the amount paid for the ticket to those people who exceed the capacity allowed taking into account their purchase date.
  • In the event that more than one activity takes place in the same time slot, attendees can decide which activity to attend, although having attended an activity, they assume that they will not be able to attend others that take place simultaneously, and they will not have right to claim the repetition of these ones in another time slot. In the event that any Mundos Digitales activity is held in smaller rooms or auditoriums than the total capacity of the Mundos Digitales venue, once the capacity of the room is completed, access will not be possible, even with a valid ticket. Due to operational reasons, Mundos Digitales may, prior notice, deny entry to the venue to valid ticket holders during the last hour before the end of the sessions each day.
  • In the event of buying a ticket applying a student discount, attendees should show documentary evidence of such a condition. For the purpose of purchasing tickets to Mundos Digitales, we understand a student is that person who is pursuing studies related to the fields of Mundos Digitales at the date of the purchase (at least 150 hours course or at least 3 months in the case of online or off-site courses in which it is not possible to prove a specific number of teaching hours). Documentation accrediting the status of student can be a copy of the registration or a certificate issued by a representative of the school verifying that the person is a current student of the school, as well as the studies and hours this person is carrying out. This document must contain personal information (name, ID, address, phone number, CIF...) both of the representative, the students, and the school itself and must be signed. The Mundos Digitales Organization reserves the right reliably check the status of student of the buyer and to cancel the purchase if it is considered that this does not meet the requirements. The attendee may be required to show an original supporting documentation at any time during the event.
  • Those attending can collect their pass personally at the venue reception during the days when the event is held. The pass will only be delivered to its owner. Mundos Digitales organisers may require the presentation of ID and proof of purchase. In the event of having a Student ticket, organisers may also require documentary evidence of such a condition. Please keep this documentation on hand when you pick up your pass. Failure to provide this documentation when required may deny entry to the event. After receiving the pass and the rest of access elements (lanyard, wristlet…), attendee must keep them until the end of the event to access the activities carried out. They may be required at any time by the organization staff.
  • Mundos Digitales ticket is personal and not transferable. Tickets resale is prohibited.
  • Organisers are not responsible for the state of preservation of the ticket, pass and rest of access elements (lanyard, wristlet…). Individuals attending are responsible for their care and preservation under the right conditions. Manipulated, damaged or broken tickets or passes will not be accepted. Organisers reserve the right to do not duplicate the ticket for loss, damage or theft.
  • The simultaneous interpretation service is optional and includes the English into Spanish and Spanish into English interpretation of the conferences taking place at the main Mundos Digitales auditorium. This service is not included in the price of the Mundos Digitales ticket. The simultaneous interpretation must be contracted individually for each assistant while purchasing the ticket.
  • Mundos Digitales website, is the only authorised ticket sale point. In the event of an error beyond the control of the organization, the error will be corrected immediately. In the event of a typographical error in any of the prices shown and on which a client has based their purchase decision, the organization shall inform the client of the error and the client will have the right to rescind said purchase at no cost to the client. All prices include VAT. Mundos Digitales reserves the right to modify the ticket prices if during the sales period the VAT would be changed.
  • The Mundos Digitales organization reserves the right to cancel or suspend the event at any time. The tickets will not be refunded in the event of cancellation due to force majeure or causes beyond control of Mundos Digitales organisers. In the event of cancellation due to causes attributable to the Organization, those attending will be entitled to their ticket price refund. It is attendees responsibility to provide their correct contact details so that organisers can, in this case, contact them. In the event of change of date or venue, the Mundos Digitales organization reserves the right to authorize the refund.
  • Mundos Digitales website, is the only authorised ticket sale point. Do not purchase your ticket in an unofficial sale point: ticket could be false. Entry will be denied to holders of tickets with regard to which any irregularity or falsification is detected or acquired unlawfully and organisers would decline all responsibility. Any tickets modified, torn, or with signs of falsification will authorise the Mundos Digitales organisers to deny the bearer access to the activities area. This applies also to the rest of access elements (lanyard, wristlet…).
  • The Mundos Digitales organisers reserve the right of admission. Entry will be denied to people who may reasonably be assumed to constitute a situation of risk, may cause discomfort to the audience or may alter the normal conduct of the event. Those attending may be searched in accordance with the applicable legislation. Objects that may be considered dangerous by the organisers or are prohibited by the regulations will not be allowed to enter. Likewise, attendees may be subjected to body temperature measurements and other checks for health reasons. Opposition to these measures may be cause for Mundos Digitales to deny the entry.
  • Capture, filming or recording images or sounds without the prior authorisation of the Mundos Digitales organizers, is strictly prohibited. Any person who fail to comply with this directive can be banned of the meeting and will not have any right to refund.
  • Those attending give their consent to their appearance in images recorded by any means for the subsequent promotional and/or commercial dissemination of Mundos Digitales.
  • Attendees agree to be respectful with the speakers and the staff of the site, as well as disconnecting mobile phones and any other devices that may interfere with the normal development of the event. Smoking inside the building is prohibited. The regulations for the entry of animals are subject to the regulations of the venue.
  • Mundos Digitales organisers are not responsible for theft, loss or damage caused to personal belongings during the Conference.
  • For any claim relating to the performance, suspension, modification or cancellation of Mundos Digitales please contact organisers showing the ticket receipt at or in this telephone (0034) 881 872 691.

NOTE: This is a translation. Official Ticket Purchase Terms and Conditions can be found in Spanish here.