Raúl Rocha
Félix Bergés
VFX Supervisor
El Ranchito
Enrique Gato
Carlos Grangel
Grangel Studio
Dani M. Lara
Gonzalo Rueda
Ilion Animation Studios
Sebastian Sylvan
Digital Media & Technology Executive
Felix & Paul Studios

Café Expresso

Dream of meeting some of the greatest talents of the industry? Of asking all the questions you've always wondered? Of being face to face with them?

What if you meet not one of them... not two... not three... But what if you meet four of them at once? What if you can ask as many questions as you want? What if you have all of them only for you?

Now the real question is, Do you have what it takes to face four of the biggest talents from the VFX and animation for the most exciting coffee you've ever dreamt? Dare to come and make them all yours!