JULY 7, A Coruña - Spain


Raúl Rocha
Raúl Rocha
lllusorium Studios
Enrique Gato
Enrique Gato
Lightbox Animation Studios
Dani M. Lara
Dani M. Lara
Pepe School Land
Jorge Algora
Jorge Algora
Adivina Produciones

FINALISTS Best Animation Short Film

  La Boite
Direction: Eliott Belrose, Carole Favier, Loïcia Lagillier, Aloïs Mathé, Juliette Perrey, Joran Rivet
Production: ESMA
Country: France

An old man ends up taming the mouse he wanted to get rid of.

Direction: Anne Castaldo, Sarah Chalek, Elsa Nesme, Adrien Rouquié
Production: MOPA
Country: France

A very old apartment dweller steps out of her cage and into the big city after her pet bird is accidentally set free by the little girl next door. As she searches for her lost bird, she discovers something bigger than the city itself.

Direction: Léger Fabrice, Louise Patrice, Machet Bastien, Malchow Florian, Aleno Robin
Production: NEW3DGE
Country: France

There was once a bounty hunter so skilled at taking his preys life, that people called him the Reaper. He was a legend, until he found the love of his life and retired. But one day he found his wife dead, killed by some fanatics..

  The Box
Direction: Dusan Kastelic
Production: Dusan Kastelic
Country: Slovenia

You have probably heard of the phrase "To think outside of the box"? This is a film about such a box and the flat-headed creatures that live inside of it. Life in the Box is boring and miserable. Until one day when a new baby boy starts to grown in the middle of the Box! This boy is very different from other flat-headed inhabitants of the Box. He's happy, lively and curious. As the boy grows bigger, the flat-headed neighbours are becoming more and more annoyed with him. Until one day when he literally grows over their heads...

FINALISTS Best National Animation Short

Direction: Alberto Rodríguez, Alice Labourel, Fabian Riquejo, Ignazio Acerenza, José Luis Herrera, Juan González
Production: Alberto Rodríguez, Alice Labourel, Fabian Riquejo, Ignazio Acerenza, José Luis Herrera, Juan González

Aazar is a girl who travels and is fascinated with reaching the Earth, but to reach it the little girl must cross a path of asteroids that will lead her to find forces that surpass her imagination and that will change her perspective of the trip forever.

Direction: Luis Tinoco
Production: Luis Tinoco Pineda, Eva Morales

Debbie suffers a dramatic accident that makes her rethink the way she has treated her family in the past. The story of the girl will be intertwined with Arsys life, an experienced military and space fighter pilot, who tries to escape unharmed from a great space battle that happens in another time… in another galaxy… in another universe.

  I Wish...
Direction: Victor L. Pinel
Production: ESDIP, Escuela de Arte

I wish… is about a man incapable of following his dreams, and how they pursue you when you don’t pursue them.

  Mars Love
Direction: Mario Serrano
Production: ESDIP, Escuela de Arte

Today marks the anniversary of the first Martian contact with Earth. They’re now a part of our society, they’re our neighbours, our friends, our lovers... This is Austyn and Verde’s love story. It is also the story of how, perhaps, perfection isn’t made for us humans.