The Mundos Digitales Innovation Hub will be a hub for the exhibition of innovative and creative projects with a great impact in the industry due to its new ways of using technology or that are different from some aspect.

In the Innovation Hub you will find creative and collaborative projects, virtual reality, new tools to develop ideas that can bring new business opportunities, solutions for complex issues and new innovative proposals.


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  Puppeteer: Creating new bridges between character departments

Puppeteer is a complete solution for physical creature artists that integrates software, hardware and a new pipeline. This technology allows a new kind of collaboration between VFX and Creature Effects departments. Puppeteer allows the connection between the real world and a 3D software, as Autodesk Maya/3ds Max to allow the interaction of physical/digital rigs in an easy way, using standard tools and resources commonly available in the VFX industry.

The Puppeteer system is composed by a USB Core unit, that connects a PC workstation with the animatronic creature using a radio link. In the first versions we implement 2.4Ghz RC radios, that allows to use standard receivers and servos easy to find in this sector. The connection to the PC is a high-speed USB link, used to send and receive commands to the creatures from different sources like joystick, RC boxes, Autodesk Maya/3ds Max and between them.

  How to succeed in new platforms producing animation?
Asubio Media

This question is the seed of the audiovisual project of Asubio Media. A question that today most producers in the world are not able to answer, but we have very clear: Innovation, passion, talent, adaptation and control of the target through the analysis of trends. It seems logical, but there are many details to take into account when preparing this type of strategy.

With this philosophy, Asubio Media, a production company specializing in generating content for new platforms. In just 3 years, Asubio has more than ten million subscribers and one billion views per year, has sneak in millions of homes that every day wait for new chapters of our channels Asubio Kids, Tik Tak Draw, Aprende con Eddie, etc., and the rest of contents of 2D, 3D or stop motion animation that we publish daily.

We want to talk about all of this in Mundos Digitales, because we want to share, we want to help, we want to give business routes and projection to all the members of this wonderful world that is the audiovisual animation.

  Virtual reality as a design tool

At ReVR, we believe that art, design and architecture are the maximum expression of the creativity of the human being. We believe that the ideation process should be a process of creativity, exploration, iteration and collaboration. We bet on the use of virtual reality as a design tool in the tasks related to art, design and architecture. In this way, virtual reality becomes a fundamental piece from the conception of the first ideas, in the multiple phases of design and even on its final stages, being used as a marketing, sales and even maintenance tool.

Our application allows designers or multidisciplinary teams to work on their designs in real time without the constant dependence of an expert in visualization that previously assumed a heavy burden in decision making.

  The Xr LAB. Innovation and development beyond virtual reality

The Xr LAB is a multidisciplinary team that offers a new type of design experience for transformation projects. X Reality (XR) consists of technology-mediated experiences that combine digital and biological realities. It covers a wide spectrum of hardware and software, including sensory interfaces, applications and infrastructures, which allow the creation of content for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR), cinematographic reality (CR) and more.

With these tools, users generate new forms of reality by bringing digital objects into the physical world and bringing objects from the physical world into the digital world.