JULY 5 - 7, A Coruña - Spain
Don't miss your opportunity to participate on the biggest sectorial recruitment fair in Spain!

Free recruitment spaces for companies looking for hiring.

If you are a company or studio, you will have a free space so that you can interview with Mundos Digitales attendees, watch their demoreels... and hire some of them if you find someone who meets your requirements.

Mundos Digitales creates the perfect environment to meet students and professionals with real interest, knowledge and abilities in animation and VFX. Therefore, the organization of Mundos Digitales offers the possibility of having a recruiting space where introduce your studio to professionals with intention of joining to future productions and maintain personal meetings.

The assignment of this recruitment space is free. The availability of spaces is limited so if you are interested or want further information, please get in touch with us via e-mail:

If you attend Mundos Digitales, you can show your demoreel and your works to the involved companies and... if they like you, you could become part of their teams.

Mundos Digitales, in collaboration with animation, visual effects and new media companies and studios, organizes a recruiting fair for all conference attendees. For attending these fair you have to purchase a ticket for the Conference and go to the recruitment fair area.

Companies participating and the profiles they are looking for to incorporate to their productions will be available soon on our website.


El Ranchito

El Ranchito is a Spanish visual effects company for film, television and advertising. Created in 2004, El Ranchito has participated in the postproduction of over one hundred spots and more than seventy films and television series, many of them for the international market.

Our workforce is made up of 150 highly experienced professionals, passionate about their work and recognized for their talent both inside and outside our borders. El Ranchito has created the digital effects for productions such Agora, by Alejandro Amenábar, The Impossible and A Monster Calls, by J. Bayona, and TV series like Game of Thrones, for which some its most memorable sequences have been done.

Our work has been recognized with several Goyas in the section of Best Special Effects and with three VES (Visual Effects Society Awards) for Game of Thrones and The Impossible.


Entropy Studio

More than fifteen years of quality and innovation have established Entropy Studio as a recognized Studio for visual effects, design, animation, VFX, mattepaint, stereoscopy, motion Graphics, creation and in general all services related to postproduction and visual effects for both film and advertising.

Since its constitution, Entropy Studio has made some of the most award-winning spots in Spain, also achieving International awards. Entropy Studio enters the film industry in early 2000, reaching in 2003 the first feature made entirely in Digital Cinema, Magic Journey to Africa, takes Entropy Studio at the forefront of stereoscopic visual effects produced in Europe.


TRIXTER is a company where not only iconic Marvel characters like Iron Man, Black Panther, Rocket and Baby Groot are brought to life, but also a breathtaking variety of animals, from an ant to an elephant to a magical dragon. Founded two decades ago by Simone Kraus and Michael Coldewey, TRIXTER is one of Germany`s leading VFX studios, creating stunning high end VFX work and character animation for film and television. At the leading edge of the industry, employing computer scientists, film aficionados and incredibly talented artists, TRIXTER is always pushing the boundaries and is currently developing content and technical solutions for VR and 360°.

We are proud to have worked on international feature films such as Marvel’s The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3, Ant-Man, Captain America: Civil War, Independence Day: Resurgence, White House Down, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver, and others.


Ilion Animation Studios

Ilion Animation Studios is a state-of-the-art animation company which develops and produces computer-generated animation feature films of the highest level, based on original stories, combining cutting-edge technology with the highest artistic quality.

Ilion has become a model studio on a global basis, capable of attracting talented individuals with a unique set of skills within the animation industry. These artists are attracted to Illion partly due to the user friendly environment both in technological and management terms. Such environment allows these artists to fully develop their artistic careers and enrich their professional portfolios with tangible best in class animation production.



axisVFX is a nimble creative studio, built for storytelling via high-end VFX. Located in a vibrant media hubs of Bristol and London, with access to the cross studio scale of parent company Axis Studios, axisVFX offers complete versatility across film, TV, and commercials.

We take the personal, collaborative, integrated approach, working closely with our partners to provide accessible creative control over VFX. Our goal is to demystify the VFX process, acting as guides from concept to pre-vis, shooting and post. We like to work as an extension of the live action process, solving production challenges with clever design that maximises budget.

B-Water Animation Studios / We Love Animation

B-Water Animation Studios es una empresa internacional con muchos años de experiencia en animación 2D y 3D, ha participado durante este tiempo como co-productor en series y largos de animación, además de dedicarse a prestar servicio con un resultado de alta calidad que se puede observar en la pagina

B-Water ha abierto recientemente una sede en Tenerife (Islas Canarias), We Love Animation, con el fin de desarrollar algunos de sus próximos proyectos en este entorno privilegiado.

El estudio comienza su andadura en las Islas Canarias con la serie Treasure Trekkers, que es una adaptación de la premiada serie de libros infantiles Maurice's Valises, creada por J.S. Friedman.

Tresure Trekkers es una serie CGI orientada a un target uper-preschool con especial cuidado en las historias, los valores y la calidad de la animación.

Treasure Trekkers aspira a ser una serie de calidad premiun de cara a los mercados internaciones, tanto de Estados Unidos como de Europa. Para hacer esto realidad cuenta con el talento del director francés Thierry Marchand apoyado en un equipo técnico y creativo de gran calidad.

Lightbox Animation Studios

Lightbox Animation Studios is an animation studio and production company focused on creating content for global audiences.

We offer a 360º service, starting from the blank page until we reach the final 3D DCP that will be screened in cinemas worldwide.

We produce audiovisual content to generate brand and franchises whose message can transfer the screen.


FrameOver is an VFX & animation studio which stands out for its productivity. Incredibly responsive to clients and capable of performing services such as: animation, video games, rigging, character design, illumination, modelling and compositing.

FrameOver is an award-winning production company based in Valencia, Spain. The studio specializes in 3D environments, characters and animation for films, videogames and advertising.

FrameOver provides a wide range of CG services for live action feature films as well as animated films, short films and television series.

Passion Animation Studios

We connect and inspire through the moving image. We nurture the world’s best animation talent. Our 30 years of innovation in motion results in memorable characters and Oscar winning stories.

Passion Animation Studios is part of Passion Pictures.


Onirikal Studio

Onirikal Studio is a high end VFX & 3D Animation company based in Barcelona (Spain). Our company mainly focuses on the design and realization of digital visual effects and 3D animation for film and TV, being involved from the beginning (in preproduction), shooting (on set supervision), production and creation of the visual effects, to the final delivery to the lab.

Directed by Luis Tinoco, CEO and VFX supervisor, Goya Award and Gaudí Award nominee, with over 20 years experience in this industry. Also digital VFX compositor of Interstellar (Christopher Nolan), Best Visual Effects Oscar Award Winner Film, and others VFX Hollywood blockbusters as Hercules: Thracian Wars (Brett Ratner). Onirikal Studio has worked with production companies and others post production facilities around the world on more than 20 feature films, about 25 shortfilms, TV series, TV movies, music clips, TV advertising, etc. 


UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL, con sede en Valencia y Los Angeles, situada en el ranking nº14 del mundo por el ACR, es la Escuela pionera en España de formación en 3D, Cine y VideoJuegos aplicados a más de 50 sectores profesionales. Con más de 2 millones de horas de formación impartida, sus alumnos trabajan en la compañías Top de la industria, tales como ILM, Sony ImageWorks, Weta Digital, Blue Sky Studios, Lucas Arts, Disney, Framestore, The Mill, CodeMasters, MPC, Double Negative, Ubisoft, Asylum, etc. AT cuenta con homologaciones internacionales, más de 200 premios y una metodología propia tanto presencial como on-line en pequeños grupos, donde se establece una relación persona a persona.



We are a VFX studio, focused on providing top quality visual effects and VR experiences for commercials, music videos and larger scale film productions. Our effective structure allows us to plan and to communicate in an agile way, so we can focus on what matters most for you. This way we can achieve premium quality for each project we undertake.

At Nu Boyana FX, we can take every visionary project ‘from script to screen’. Ranging from onset supervision, concept art and previsualization, digital matte paintings, Virtual reality, 3D modeling, photo-realistic rendering and 2D compositing – we do it all.

We have independent structures in Bulgaria and Portugal that can provide a full service locally and equally join forces for your large-scale projects.

Nu Boyana FX. Cool team. Great VFX.


Tomavision Studio

With over 15 years’ experience in the 2D & 3D animation industry, Tomavision Studio is a leading and fast-growing production company dedicated to develop and produce premium content for the International Kids Market.

With recognized experience in the animation industry, director Mercedes Marro and executive producer Pierre Nothman manage Tomavision Studio, with multiple IP’s across a wide range of styles and requirements. Based in Barcelona and more recently on the magnificent island of Tenerife (Spain), we offer co-production opportunities and service work under the Canary Islands’ attractive Tax Incentives Scheme.


3Doubles Producciones

3Doubles Producciones is an animation studio that currently has about 60 professionals on their team and, after completing the production of two films with Arcana Studios (Canada), one of them in co-production, has started new adventures with Tinker Group a large audiovisual group, some of which have a large visual and technological component.

All professionals working in 3Doubles Producciones have been working at least one 3D animation film in their professional career, especially in production and postproduction where some of them have between 7 and 30 years of experience, having worked in films such as Planet 51, Tad, the Lost Explorer, Deep, Animal Crackers, Richard the Stork, Capture the Flag, etc.


From our offices in Madrid, La Coruña and Sao Paulo, we are working worldwide filming both real and virtual scenarios for our movies and campaigns.

We produce advertising campaigns and marketing tools specialized in architecture areas.

Urbansimulations is among the world's top ten companies for architectural visualization according to Autodesk, UK 3dworld mag, 3DAwards...

Urbansimulations finds out the way to connect with the audience and to accelerate every bussiness. Our campaigns are both informing and engaging their target audiences using amazing helicopter shots, incredible directors and actors and the state-of-the-art technologies.


Gato Salvaje Studio

Gato Salvaje was created in 2010 with the aim of becoming a reference studio in the national videogame production. In 2013, it became the first Spanish videogame company to complete a crowdfunding project on the American Kickstarter platform, obtaining more than 100,000 dollars.

At the moment the company is developing its most ambitious project, The Waylanders, a videogame in which 38  professionals are working. It is an RPG (Role Play Game), with a budget close to € 2 MM, in production since 6 months ago and expected to be launched in 2020. It is the largest video game ever made in Galicia and will be one of the most important projects in Spain in the coming years.

FX Animation

With a single location in Barcelona and international recognition in FX ANIMATION, we at the Barcelona 3D & Film School offer highly specialized education in all the fields of CGI—VFX, animation, video games—with the most up-to-date software, methods, and technology.

In the field of film, we are committed to a new educational model in which the foundations of traditional cinema are combined with new methods and technologies—VR 360, VFX, and 2.5D Compositing, among others. Our primary mission is for students to acquire a high artistic and technical level.

FX ANIMATION is directly connected with the professional world in various sectors of the audiovisual industry—film, advertising, and television—and the growing video game industry as well as more industrial sectors such as architecture, interior design, and engineering.


Ficción Producciones

After 20 years producing content for television and two feature films, Fiction Producciones has bet on the animation.

In 2014 it launched the children's film "Meñique", and is currently immersed in "Tutu", a series for Clan, and "Día de Muertos", a feature film co-produced with Mexico and Portugal.

We also have new projects that will maintain our commitment to continue generating Spanish animation from Galicia for the international market.


Tokio School

In Tokyo we are specialists in computer science, robotics and new technologies. The transformation of the new era has no limits and, for those who know how to take advantage of them, their opportunities are not either. We are moving towards a new global paradigm in which artificial intelligence is called to be the most powerful of all the known ones ever. The future has already begun and needs new professionals.