360 composition workflow with Mistika VR, Nuke X and Cara VR
Taught by: Javier Herreros Riaza y Cristian Domínguez Rein-Loring
Sponsored by: Alquilercamara360
The Artella Story: The Virtual Studio
Taught by: Carlos Baena
Sponsored by: Artella
V-Ray Next for 3ds Max: See what’s next
Taught by: Atanas Tudjarov
Sponsored by: Chaos Group
Mind mapping bridges between the art and the tools for photorealistic compositing in Nuke
Taught by: Víctor Pérez
Sponsored by: Foundry - Trigital
News of Zbrush 2018 and creation of sculptures
Taught by: David Fernández Barruz
Sponsored by: CICE
How to face the development of a facial rig
Taught by: Antonio Méndez Lora
Sponsored by: U-tad
HUD and Film-UI Design & Animation
Taught by: Jayse Hansen
Sponsored by: TechLimits
Workflow with Substance Painter, Arnold and C4D
Taught by: Edén Expósito
Sponsored by: blackone academy
Why did they kill Bambi's mother? Design and acting for your characters
Taught by: Marcos Raya
Sponsored by: Wacom
The Client Whisperer: Confessions of a Support Specialist
Taught by: Daniel Quintero and Jaime Parga
Sponsored by: iToo Software
Real time in virtual reality
Taught by: Ignacio Lacosta and Javier García-Lajara
Sponsored by: Entropy Studio
Photorealism and digital humans with Arnold Render
Taught by: Oliver Martel
Sponsored by: Fictizia
Anatomy in movement and facial expressions
Taught by: Ismael Alabado
Sponsored by: Animum Creativity Advanced School