We are interested in creative approaches to work with our Media Partners.

The collaboration between Mundos Digitales and its Media Partners usually includes an exchange of promotional material, articles, reports... over a long period of time prior to the annual celebration of Mundos Digitales. This may entail the exchange of logos, ads, publications or promotional activities, allowing to both to reach the target audience.

The number of entities included as Media Partner is limited. If you wish to know all the options or propose your approach to collaboration, please contact us at

Press accreditations provide access to specific Mundos Digitales activities.

Media organizations that do not collaborate with Mundos Digitales during the months prior to the Conference, have the opportunity to have a press accreditation. Press accreditation give access to specific activities of Mundos Digitales and must be requested through email at

All journalists applying for accreditation must prove they are a representative from an official media organisation. Applying for it does not guarantee accreditation. Each request will be reviewed before being authorized.

We prepare in advance the access of the media to Mundos Digitales protagonists.

Accredited media that wish to conduct interviews with speakers or participants in the Conference should send an email with their request as soon as possible to In the mail must include the name of the media, the journalist who will perform the interview and a contact phone.

In the case of applications for international speakers, the request, with the same requirements, must be made in advance (at least 10 days) in order to manage the permits with the press team of the production company or studio.